Port Curtis: CM2 Project

This project was conducted with the Coastal CRC (www.ga.gov.au/oceans/mc_CstlCRC.jsp), Project CM2. Details of the hydrodynamic modelling can be found in:

Herzfeld, M., Parslow, J., Andrewartha, J., Sakov, P., Webster, I.T. (2003) Numerical modelling of the Port Curtis region. CRC for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management. Technical Report 7. www.ozcoasts.org.au/search_data/crc_rpts.jsp#no7

Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP)

The above configuration was implemented as project ISP007 within the GHHP Program. This involved the development of a NRT, the results from which can be accessed via the links at left.


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